“Let us invest in you so you can invest in your patients.”

“Let us invest in you so you can invest in your patients.”

Introducing Our Company

At Prestige Medical Billing Co., Inc., we believe a patient should be able to focus on the therapeutic relationship with their provider and the provider on the therapeutic process. By advocating for our providers and patients, we remove the hurdles of insurances that put up barriers to the patient’s access to care.

Providers are not trained how to bill, code, or fight with insurances on their patient’s behalf. Allowing professionals to take over so you can focus on what is important is our primary goal.

By removing the roadblocks of financial stress, we are helping to build stronger communities for all of us one patient at a time.

Many ask us why we focus on Mental Health billing:
We believe in the services our mental health providers bring to our communities. We want to support their financial well-being so that they can have long and prosperous businesses. Without our mental health providers, our communities would not be able to heal, grow, or prosper. Help us help you keep your doors open. With our advocacy and billing knowledge, you will be on the path to financial freedom in no time. Let us invest in you, so you can invest in your patients.

Our Services

Auditing Services
for Billing

Are you making less than you think you should, but you love your current biller?

Procedure Code Training

Have you ever asked yourself if you are being paid for all the services you provide?

Billing for Mental Health Provider

We can curtail our services and make it more affordable for your practice.


Have you been notified that your contract was cancelled and you have no idea why?

Credentialing/ Contracting

Contracting with insurance companies will drive patients to your practice.


Not looking for a billing service, but still need help with complicated billing issues?
Mindy Lu, Sunrise Nutrition
We have worked with two other billers before PMBC and it was Dottie and her team that reinstated my trust in billers. From our very first meeting, she and her team have gone above and beyond in supporting my practice and I credit them with playing a huge part in our growth. It is clear that Prestige is committed to make sure my business is paid and it’s something I don’t have to worry about.
Lindsay Dye, LMHC
When I first started my private practice in 2013, I quickly realized that insurance billing wasn’t a side of the business I wanted to spend time learning, but it was something that needed to be done. With the help of Prestige Medical Billing Company, I am able to focus on helping my clients– the reason why I got into this field to begin with!
Kelli Hall, LICSW
Prestige Medical Billing Company provides outstanding billing services. Dottie and her team are thorough, competent, and a pleasure to work with. Prestige has been my billing provider since 2013, when I started my private practice. They are excellent advocates for their providers, ensuring timely and accurate payments. Their expertise gives me peace of mind and frees me up to do the clinical work that I love. I highly recommend Prestige!
JoAnne Solchany, PhD, ARNP
I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and I have been with Prestige Medical Billing for over five years. In my experience, Prestige Medical Billing has been the best billing company I have ever worked with. I trust them to handle my patient accounts and advocate for me with the insurance companies. They are extremely transparent and honest. Dottie and her staff know their stuff—from understanding complicated billing codes to handling vulnerable patients.
Shana Olmstead, LMHC
I started with Prestige several years ago, and they have been an important part of the success of my business ever since. They are great in dealing with my clients, as well as making sure I get paid! It is so helpful to have someone do the hard work of billing so I can focus on the fun part of talking to my clients!

PMBC Internship Programs

PMBC actively participates in internship programs for BS Healthcare Management and Leadership program and medical billing through Bellevue College. We will accept medical billing interns through other colleges and technical schools. We are committed to ensuring the next line of medical billers are trained appropriately.

If you are interested in our internship program, please contact your College’s Internship Director.

Meet Our Professionals

With over 60 combined years of experience our professionals are here to advocate for and support you in your billing needs.

Dottie Jackson


Dottie draws her experience from over 20 years of experience in the medical billing and medical front office field.

Cindy Johnson


Cindy’s organizational skills and patience helps our new providers navigate the structure we have at PMBC.

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